Port of Baltimore Seagirt Marine Terminal

J.A. Rice, Inc. prepared survey documents to assist in transferring a portion of Newgate Avenue from Baltimore City to the Maryland Port Administration (MPA), a portion of Newgate Avenue from Baltimore City to the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), and a portion of Vail Street from Baltimore City to the MdTA.

Field Work

J.A. Rice, Inc. field personnel established a closed field run traverse and survey control network, located existing boundary monuments and visible improvements. The intersection of the Pointe Breeze Access Road with Vail Street was located for use in determining the northernmost limits of the portion of Vail Street to be transferred to the MdTA.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

The existing record boundary lines were located based on the historic deeds and record documents provided to J.A. Rice, Inc. Input and assistance was provided by the MPA in coordinating comments to the existing title exceptions. Plats and legal descriptions were prepared, and lease lines were established to create separate, distinct areas to be leased by Ports America to operate Seagirt Marine Terminal and the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility in the future. All work was done in accordance with the 2005 Minimum Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.

City of Baltimore Street Abandonment Survey

J.A. Rice, Inc. determined the limits of the existing unimproved street rights-of-way for Newgate Avenue and Vail Streets. Plats and legal descriptions were prepared to facilitate the transfer of title for the land comprising the street rights-of-way from the City of Baltimore to the MPA.

BGE Utility Location Survey

J.A. Rice, Inc. field personnel located the existing underground electric utility lines crossing the MPA property known as Seagirt Marine Terminal. Plats and working drawings were prepared for use by BGE. These drawings showed the locations of electric utility lines on the terminal property and to help determine if new or expanded easements would be required after the abandonment of the street rights-of-way of Newgate and Vail Streets.


Deliverables included the three plats in hard copy and MicroStation V8 format, along with three written metes and bounds descriptions in Microsoft Word.