Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Pier A Expansion

J.A. Rice, Inc. has provided land surveying services to the Maryland Aviation Administration at Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport and Martin State Airport since 1991 as both a sub-consultant and as a consultant. This includes the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport Pier A Expansion.

Survey Limits

The limits of the survey included the Landside and Airside, approximately 60 acres.

Survey Control

J.A. Rice, Inc. established Horizontal and Vertical control with benchmarks for Pier A and Curbside Expansions, Landside, Airside, and within the existing terminal for use by design engineers and architects. To create the horizontal and vertical control network, JAR established control points by running traverse and differential levels using NAD 88/91 and NAVD 83 inside the terminal (working at night to avoid interrupting passengers) and throughout the lower and upper levels of the existing parking garage, the adjacent car wash, existing rental car return facilities, and the substation utility structure.

Topographic Survey

This task included locating all existing outside corners of the terminal building, the center of the existing red columns, escalator pit openings, curtain walls, ceiling space frame, and, after the contractor removed walls, the center of existing column lines. The task of creating these coordinates also extended into the parking garage expansion, including the locations of the openings for the upper level Pedestrian Bridges and underground tunnel for pedestrian use between the parking garage and the terminal. Coordinates were established for the locations of the moving walkways, elevator shafts, and pits.

JAR also established coordinates of the existing utilities for the Pier A Expansion, working in the traffic in front of the terminal with underground utility contractors performing test pits and marking the location of the existing utilities, electric, water, sewer, and storm drain, including the opening of manholes in the traffic on the Lower Level roadway.

Additionally, survey crews worked on runway 15R-33L to perform data collection for topography and location surveys of all existing ground contours and utilities (above and below ground). Test pits were dug, staked, measured, and plotted. Invert elevations were obtained and the size and direction of pipes were sketched.

Coordinates and CADD base maps were delivered to the design engineers and architects in an AutoCAD drawing file using the Maryland Aviation Administration’s CAD standards.

Under the construction management contract for the Pier A Curbside Extension and Airside Expansion, J.A. Rice, Inc. performed many as-built surveys.