LiDAR Surveys with 3D Modeling

LiDAR HD 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

J.A. Rice, Inc. can perform LiDAR surveys using our Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner. LiDAR technology allows difficult topographic and as-built surveys to be performed expeditiously and cost effectively. The ScanStation C10 data collects limitless amounts of 3D digital data. Survey sites can be reproduced with fine detail and exacting proportion without actually having to physically touch the areas being measured, and often without having to put the instrument and operator in harm’s way.

HD 3D Laser Scanning allows surveyors, engineers, and architects to see what they have measured like never before. This has a major positive impact on completeness, the ability to spot errors quickly, and the realistic way that data is captured. And designers who start out with more accurate and complete survey information will create better designs which can be constructed with less rework and fewer change orders.

Using Leica’s Cyclone software, field collected point cloud data is processed into 3D models that can be exported and delivered in AutoCAD or MicroStation file formats.

J.A. Rice, Inc.’s staff includes eight members who are certified by Leica after completing over 40 hours in training on both the ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner and the office Cyclone 3D modeling software.

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