Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys

Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys

Since it is a mapping function, bathymetric surveys generally fall under the category of surveying under most states’ laws. J.A. Rice, Inc. can assist the A/E community with bathymetric surveys and setting precision benchmarks used in tidal studies. JAR can provide hydrographic/bathymetric surveys to assist with Coastal Engineering, Exploration of Marine Resources, Environmental Protection, Marine Terminal/Port design and Navigational Channels engineering.

J.A. Rice, Inc. owns a 16’ Carolina Skiff with a 25 hp outboard and trailer. We also utilize a 10’ john boat with an electric motor and inflatable rubber rafts for smaller projects such as ponds or reservoirs. We have access to larger boats as needed.

We use the Hydroliteâ„¢ Sonar System, which allows us to use either GPS VRS or conventional total station data collection, depending upon the field conditions. Deliverables can be provided in either AutoCAD or MicroStation formats.

Current bathymetric surveys performed by J.A. Rice, Inc. have included tasks as a subconsultant to the Maryland Port Administration at Dundalk and Masonville Marine Terminals.

To learn more about J.A. Rice, Inc.’s Hydrographic/Bathymetric Survey capabilities and its applications for your project, contact us.